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sonny's menu is currently being upgraded which basically means it's going to be even more awesome than ever!   


Jalapeno Poppers

panko, monterey jack


Spicy Charred Edamame

fresno peppers, sweet ginger glaze


Bavarian Pretzel

hot mustard, ale cheese, house pickles


Lettuce Wraps

ginger glazed chicken thigh, daikon slaw, toasted sesame seed



battered, marinara, tartar sauce


Fried Classics

fried house pickles,onion rings, OR herbed fries. – rings and pickles +1



jalapeno, red onion, red bell


Sonny's Street Corn

cilantro aioli, parmesan, tajin


Mozzarella Sticks

panko, marinara


L.A. Street Tacos

three tacos, hangar steak, radish salad, salsa verde


Bacon Jam Fries

chili aioli, sriracha, scallions, fried egg


Fish Tacos

fresh cod, citrus slaw, tzatziki sauce


Poblano Quesadilla

jack cheese, lime crema, guacamole chicken or steak


Sausage Platter

jalapeno cheddar brat, Brazilian, linguica, smoked cheddar, goat cheese


Sonny's Famous Chicken Bites

chicken, buffalo, bbq, ginger glaze, Nashville


Chicken Tenders

panko, lemon zest, thyme, fries


Fried Clams

Ipswich full-bellied clams, citrus slaw, tartar sauce


Sonny's Chilli

lime crema, fried onion, cilantro, Monterey jack


Chicken Wings

breaded or naked; buffalo, bbq, ginger glaze, Nashville



ground beef, tortilla chips, refried beans, jack, pepper mix, lime crema, cilantro

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